Announcing Expansion of JBM75® – Absorptive Noise Wall Market

Pinehurst, NC – November 9, 2016 - JBM Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce that JBM75® materials and technology is now approved for use by the Indiana Department of Transportation. Indiana joins other cold weather markets such as Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and Tennessee to approve the most durable noise/sound wall product on the market. Jerry J. McNeal, President and owner of JBM75® says, "This is an important move by INDOT as they now have [...]

Now You Hear It, Now You Don’t – Part 1

Precast concrete sound-absorptive walls fix current problems while eliminating future issues. By the time Dwight D. Eisenhower took office in 1953, momentum for a highway system to connect the entire country was at full steam. In fact, Eisenhower himself favored the plan based on his military experiences. With the backing of the president, the Interstate Highway System became official in 1956 thanks to the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act. That act, coupled with the [...]

Texture Application

Photos of a recently completed project in Madison, Wisconsin where the same texture was required on both sides of the wall system.

Special Texture Pattern & Color

A wall under construction in Madison, Wisconsin. The sound barrier wall has a flat flute pattern and custom color.

A Sound Decision

The Santa Monica Freeway in California. Interstate 75 through Atlanta. The Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago. Perhaps these countless acres of concrete and asphalt evoke painful memories of sitting in traffic for hours. They are a small sampling of the busiest highways in North America. The busiest is the 401 in Ontario, Canada. It widens to 22 lanes in some areas, handling about 450,000 vehicles a day. That’s more than five vehicles a second. According [...]