Pinehurst, NC – November 9, 2016 – JBM Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce that JBM75® materials and technology is now approved for use by the Indiana Department of Transportation. Indiana joins other cold weather markets such as Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and Tennessee to approve the most durable noise/sound wall product on the market. Jerry J. McNeal, President and owner of JBM75® says, “This is an important move by INDOT as they now have a locally produced product with a strong reputation for exceptional quality, outstanding customer service, and affordability.” JBM75® is available through the following NPCA and JBM Solutions approved companies: Crest Precast Concrete, Inc. (La Crescent, MN), Mack Industries, Inc. (White Lake, MI & Vienna, OH), Precast Solutions, Inc. (Indianapolis, IN), Utility Concrete Products, LLC (Morris, IL.)

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