globe-iconJBM75® Advantage

JBM75® Absorptive Sound Wall Product

JBM75® is an improved sound absorptive material for use in:

  • Highway
  • Railway
  • Light Transit
  • Industrial
  • Tunnel Lining
  • Residential Applications
  • Existing Reflective Wall Retro-Fit Applications

JBM75® is more appealing than plain concrete and absorbs up to 85% of the sound waves that enter the absorptive wall treatment.

JBM75® is available in double-sided absorptive architectural finishes such as ashlar stone, brick, block, etc. Custom options are also available.

globe-iconEnvironmentally Friendly & Lab-Tested

  • Environmentally Friendly & Independently Lab-Tested JBM75® uses over 90% recycled materials with a reduced carbon footprint. It is resistant to vermin & insect damage
  • JBM75® meets or exceeds: ASTM E90-2, E84-04, C672/C672M-02, C666, and C423-02a
  • JBM75 meets or exceeds applicable design codes (AASHTO & CSA)

globe-iconASTM Test Results

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): .85 Tested per ASTM-C423
Sound Transmission Rating: 42 Testes per ASTM-E90
Freeze Thaw: Tested per ASTM-C666 (Method A): 300 cycles Average Loss: < 2%
Salt Scaling: Tested per ASTM-672: 50 cycles Average Loss: <0.02%
Flame Spread/ Smoke Developed Tested per ASTM-E84, Class A Rated:
Flame Spread: CFO=0, FSI=0
Smoke Developed Indices: CSD’=23.2. SDI=25

globe-iconNoise Barrier Wall Specifications

Noise Barrier Wall Specifications

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